Giro Onset Campaign

Easton Bell Sports Incorporated
Photography Credit: Jeff Baker & Mike Basher

In 2012 Giro Sport Design launched the Onset EXV, a snow goggle with the largest field of view in the industry. This product was a game changer for Giro and needed a launch campaign that was equally groundbreaking. I had the opportunity to work on this project from the original brainstorm, to the last banner ad. The text below was from the original pitch for the visual direction I created:

Lying awake at night I was thinking about how although we have a great technology story with the Onset EXV and the product looks technical and beautiful, the true goal of the EXV technology is to make the product disappear. When you are riding you don’t want to see the goggle at all. The larger field of view allows the human eye to see more of the ride. I wanted to create a conceptual direction that moved away from the large product shot and literal interpretation of expanded field of view and instead create something more anthropocentric. Something that would bring a human emotional connection, not just to the product, but to the experience the product was created for. The Onset EXV is not just technology that lives in a vacuum competing with other products. Human beings wear this product when they are doing what they love.
To visually express the human connection, I made the primary visual focus of the graphic the human eye. The eyes are the perfect design shaped by nature through evolution to command our attention. We cannot help but look at people’s eyes. The shape, contrast, & color gets our attention, and this can be leveraged in the advertising space to grab a consumer’s attention. By laying a transparent silhouette of the goggle lens over the eyes the subtle visual connection between the product and the rider is made. By matching the color of the goggle lens silhouette with a smaller complete product image the payoff is made without having to be too literal.

The typography in this concept is meant to be a deliberate departure from the grunged up typography overused in Action Sports. When everything is bold nothing is bold, clean is the new punk. Both typefaces are and ode to a past vision of the future and wondering what things may have been like if we took a different path. The Onset EXV takes a different path than the rest of the industry, and the striking visuals of this campaign direction pay that off.



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