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When Giro launched the EXV (expanded field of view) line of snow goggles, they set a new benchmark for the entire industry. These products were a game changer for Giro, and they needed a launch campaign to bring attention to EXV and the brand. I had the amazing opportunity to work on this project from the original brainstorm to the last banner ad. We came up with a variety of concepts for the campaign, each with its own strengths. But in the end, we decided "See More" was the most powerful direction.
Instead of relying on technical language and diagrams, the Giro team decided to go with a direction that would catch eyeballs and make consumers want to dig deeper. The captivating close-up of team riders' eyes with the gradient silhouette placed on their faces and the simple message "See More" created intrigue that led people to seek out more information. The EXV campaign and product line were a huge success for Giro, leading to lots of sales and even more brand engagement on social media.
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