Giro Special Reserve

BRG Sports Incorporated
Photography Credits: Dain Zafke & Colin Meager

In 2015 Giro Sport Design launched a line of small batch limited edition products under the name Giro Special Reserve. The new program set out to drive innovation at the company by allowing ideas that didn't fit into a current market strategy to be fully explored. The Giro Special Reserve initiative would launch new products that could potentially create the markets of the future.

I was given the exciting opportunity to design the entire look and feel of the program, from the initial branding sketches to the final implementation in stores and digital platforms.
I designed a scaleable logo which could live in tiny spaces on product trims, but was unique enough to carry a store window campaign. In the smallest sizes I used the silhotte of the logo as a visual shortcut for the brand. For the Art direction I relied on compelling desaturated photos, and soft warm backgrounds that would let the products live at the top of the visual hierarchy.

In the spring of 2015 the program was launched with full size book showcasing the lifestyle photography and introducing Giro Special Reserve to the world.

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