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All images ©  Willie Honig

As a designer I am usually providing art direction for photographers before a shoot or digging through photos making selections and crops. However, I always love when I have the chance to step behind the lens and unpeel another layer of the creative process. The never ending study of balance, composition and visual hierarchy that informs my design work naturally translates to the photographs that I take. I love thinking about light in new and different ways and exploring leaks and imperfect saturations.
The rapid technological advances in camera equipment leave me the most interested in capturing emotions and moods instead of perfection. The thrill of freezing a moment in time, or capturing a subtle feeling keeps me hunting for shots at all times. It’s amazing how a texture on the water that I barely noticed can become a dramatic composition with the right crop. I believe that my experience with Photography allows me to be a better designer and helps me provide the right direction to the talented photographers that I work with.

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