Giro Sport Design, Vista Outdoor

Creative Direction
Visual Design
User Experience

I had the exciting opportunity to oversee the entire creative direction for the redesign and replatforming of Our goal was to create a modern, responsive digital home for the brand, complete with a frictionless e-commerce experience powered by Salesforce. The process began with thorough research to ensure that our design team had empathy and a deep understanding of all users.
At every interaction point, I sought opportunities to capture visitors' attention and create an emotional connection to the brand. Additionally, during the process, we identified and addressed many user experience pain points, resulting in improvements. In the end, the new was a tremendous success, with positive impacts on all metrics.

Consistent Visual Hierarchy at Any Width

As designers come up with flexible design solutions for web pages that can respond to an ever-increasing number of devices, it becomes difficult to maintain a consistent visual hierarchy. Often, content that is the most prominent on a desktop screen scales down for mobile, so it fills the same visual weight as content that was meant to be less prominent. I put a lot of work into creating a design for pages and componenets that maintains a width-agnostic visual hierarchy, where the most prominent content on mobile is the same as on desktop.
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