User Personas: Ensuring a Design Solution for Everyone

Before the initial designs for the new homepage could begin, it was imperative to clearly define who the key users of the site are and what needs they have. I lead a team to identify key users based on analytics and conversations with all the key stakeholders at the brand. Once the group aligned on all of the current and potential users of the site, I bucketed them into groups and built design personas that represented a set of users who shared goals and characteristics. The key three personas for are direct consumers, shop owners, and sales reps. Each of these groups had a very different set of needs on the site and all designs needed to work equally for all.

Direct Consumers

The younger enthusiast who wants to engage with the brand and buy Giro product immediately on their phone.

Sales Reps
Most reps use the site to close the sale and show buyers how product will be supported by the brand if they decide to carry it.

Shop Owners
The shop owner uses the Giro site on a daily basis as sort of a digital catalog for product information and technical specs.

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