User Personas: Ensuring a Design Solution for Everyone

As part of the website redesign process, I led a cross-functional team, including external consultants, in establishing a comprehensive understanding of's primary users and their requirements. Through data analytics and stakeholder discussions, we identified the critical users, and created design personas that encapsulated their common goals and characteristics. The three key personas for included direct consumers, shop owners, and sales reps, each with unique needs on the site. Ensuring equal consideration for these distinct groups, their requirements were prioritized throughout the redesign process.

Direct Consumers

The younger enthusiast who wants to engage with the brand and buy Giro product immediately on their phone.

Sales Reps

Most reps use the site to close the sale and show buyers how product will be supported by the brand if they decide to carry it.

Shop Owners

The shop owner uses the Giro site on a daily basis as sort of a digital catalog for product information and technical specs.
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