Copilot Child Carriers

Easton Bell Sports Incorporated
Credits: Thomas Burke Photography

While the Copilot brand of child carriers was still selling well at retail, the competitive environment for the products had significantly changed since the brand was launched in the 1990s. Copilot was now competing with sophisticated contemporary brands like Bugaboo who sell a branded lifestyle. In the new competitive context the Copilot aesthetic felt a bit cluttered and dated. It was time for a redesign.

The product manager and I began the redesign of the Copilot branding with the goal of attracting new customers for premium products without moving too far away from the equity invested in heritage brand elements like the kangaroo & color yellow.

The first step was to establish a new color palette and industrial design direction. In order to own a single color in the eyes of the consumer, as well as on the shelf, we simplified the color palette for the brand by dropping the red touch points that had been a major part of the I.D. in the past. Instead, I drew from a palette of cool grays to compliment the black and yellow on the products and packaging. I worked with the product team to remove as many lines as possible, giving the product a cleaner aesthetic.

Next, I redesigned the logo. My goal was to evolve the mark while still maintaining key visual elements. I wanted the consumer to still feel the core brand elements, but in a new form. To achieve this, I redrew & simplified the icon using harder lines and placing the kangaroo into a more aggressive stance. All cartoon elements were removed. I also reworked the typography using a more contemporary sans-serif & utilizing all lower-case characters to make the mark more friendly.

Once the new direction was solidified, I worked with the product manager to update & simplify the copy on the packaging & print materials. The goal was to use less text with a clearer hierarchy of information. This cohesive layout across the product line would allow the consumer to easily compare features on different models.

The next step was to direct a photo shoot with the talented Thomas Burke photography studio. Once the studio and lifestyle photos were finalized, I used them to complete the new packaging and layout the new catalog. Copilot was reborn.

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