Chasing Speed Campaign

Easton-Bell Sports Incorporated
Creative Direction: Eli Atkins. Photography: John Phemister & David Smith

When the Giro Air Attack helmet was released it provoked all different sorts of responses in the cycling community. While most people loved the hi-tech aerodynamic driven design, a vocal few insisted that the visual aesthetic left something to be desired. Some even went as far as to say the helmet "looked like a skate helmet". The Giro creative team decided to poke fun at these comments with an advertising campaign that put a performance cyclist in the skate park and reminded consumers that the cutting-edge Air Attack was no skate helmet.
The #CHASINGSPEED campaign used the images as a visual hook to educate consumers about the product and create a buzz surrounding the release. Within hours of launch the campaign went viral and was featured across endemic media. In a few days the campaign had made the rounds on social media and anticipation for the release of the product had risen to an astounding level. When the Air Attack was released it was a huge success, and the campaign was viewed as a crucial part of that win.

 Cervello Road Bike In The Skate Park

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