Blackburn Designer Series
Water Bottle Cages

BRG Sports Incorporated
Photography Credit: Brian Vernor

In 2012 the iconic cycling accessories brand Blackburn launched a limited-edition series of carbon fiber water bottle cages featuring a diverse set or artists and designers. The concept was to generate buzz for the brand and draw attention to a product category that was often overlooked. Every month Blackburn planned to feature a different graphic, and I was lucky enough to be asked to design the first one.  

My designs focused on modern geometric patterns and set out to break common rules of design in their composition as well as their placement on the product. The graphics have a retro element and are a nod to the early 1980's and the experimentation occurring in art and design at that time. The lines and patterns in the graphics are purposefully dissonant and unbalanced, creating a striking juxtaposition to the perfect geometry of the bikes they will go on.

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